Stewards of the Future

The Stewards of the Future program stems from the Lieutenant Governor’s long-standing connection to the land and the importance of biodiversity. Its purpose is to promote the concept of a holistic approach to our endeavors based on respect,

and the responsibility of all for the future. Stewards of the Future encourages and supports our secondary-school youth to get outside and explore their own communities to discover and document unique attributes, identify and research key issues of concern, and investigate stewardship initiatives. Stewards of the Future provides funding and support for high school teachers and other educators to take students on field trips, to visit local sites of interest, and to engage in stewardship projects in their communities.

Stewards of the Future


This guide has been created for teachers, leaders and students to inspire and support them in becoming involved in hands-on, place-based explorations of their communities, and the stewardship issues relevant to them.

This Toolkit includes some background on the Stewards of the Future program, research on place-based learning and action projects, an outline of the overall program process and funds available, a listing of partners to support your efforts, and activities and tools for students, teachers, and other groups to get engaged.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Spring/Summer session of Stewards of the Future!

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Stewards of the Future Complete Toolkit

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